MISStoHIT activities in San Felix school Ortuella

Last June, San Felix school in Ortuella (Spain) implemented some of MISStoHIT’s activities in its classrooms.

On the one hand, the students of Compulsory Secondary Education 1st year carried out activities about electrical current. Among the activities they did, they had to design an electrical circuit to turn on a LED. In addition, they experimented with conductive and non-conductive materials to understand how the flow of current works in the electrical circuits.

On the other hand, 3rd grade Compulsory Secondary Education students worked on MISStoHIT’s force activities. They have shared with us this video that summarizes what they worked on during the session.  As you can see in the video, they used the classroom 3D printer to create the materials needed for the activity.

We would like to thank San Felix school for their collaboration, and especially the teachers and students who participated, for their availability and involvement. Thank you very much!

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