Sensale’s first hands-on activity

Liceo Sensale students have carried out five  hand-on activities aimed at correcting misconceptions.  The first one was Greenhouse effect.

We wanted to demonstrate that this phenomenon is not bad for our planet.

First of all the students were asked their opinion about this phenomenon.  Almost all of them observed that Greenhouse effect  is responsible for today’s  environmental problems;  although some said that it was not negative, they were not able to provide any reasons.

After that  we moved to the lab, where the students worked with the materials they were given.

  • They filled in a chart with the temperatures they took in different conditions.
  • Possible variables which may influence temperature were taken into account.
  • Each group carried out the experiment

Back in the classroom the pupils continued to discuss the Greenhouse effect and they came to the conclusion that it is a natural phenomenon useful to create temperature conditions compatible with life, so as to avoid extremes of temperature like the ones which occur, for example, on the Moon.

Of course, it was also noticed that human activities, which contribute to increase CO2,  cause a significant variation in our planet temperature.

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