UDeusto ingles

University of Deusto

Deusto has a mission and educational goal firmly grounded in academic excellence and social responsibility, reflected in its commitment to innovative methods of learning. +info

Nemo Science Museum

NEMO’s mission is to bring science and technology closer to the public in an interactive and accessible way, in the museum, at schools, at nationwide events and online. +info


The Institute of Biometeorology of the Italian National Research Council applies a multidisciplinary approach in several research fields, such as environmental monitoring and sustainable agriculture. +info

Liceo Scientifico “N. Sensale”

With about 1,000 pupils and 70 teachers, is attended by boys and girls coming from families with different socio-economic backgrounds. +info


We  are a team focused on exploring and generating ideas, experiments and making them real. The web is our primary technology and our culture is based on makers and their tools, art, education and the internet. +info

University of Twente

The University of Twente is a middle-sized University of Technology. The department of instructional technology of the University of Twente is part of the Faculty of Behavioural, Management and Social sciences. +info

Fundación La Caixa

“La Caixa” Foundation is a leading non-profit organization at international level which aims to contribute to the progress of individuals and society.+info